Comprehensive Training Programs for Lifesaving Skills


Friends & Family CPR
This course is designed for the individual who would like to learn the basic skills of CPR. Families with newborns, young children & elderly parents often opt for this class.

Friends & Family First Aid for Children
This is a great addition to Friends & Family CPR. Designed to help family respond in an emergency until trained help arrives it covers prevention, bleeding injuries, burns, broken bones, and shock to name a few.

Friends and Family CPR with First Aid

CPR & First Aid for Babysitters
This course will give your child confidence and a “leg up” in the search for babysitting positions. In the 4 hour course, your child will learn how to respond to choking in the conscious and unconscious infant and child, how to perform CPR on the infant and child and how to perform first aid such as administering prescribed EpiPens in severe allergic reactions, how to bandage minor cuts and how to manage burns. They will also be given general knowledge on how to prevent injuries, diaper an infant, and basic knowledge of behavior in the infant, toddler, and child. Of course, focus on calling 911 will be addressed.


Heartsaver training offers a series of options for the individual who requires certification. This certification may be necessary for employment or if family members have a high risk of sudden cardiac death. Participants have the option of taking either Adult/Child and/or Infant CPR and/or First Aid and/or AED (automated external defibrillator) training.

Heart Saver Adult/Child CPR with AED

Heart Saver Adult/Child/Infant CPR with AED

Heart Saver First Aid

Heart Saver CPR with AED and First Aid
There are a number of different text options depending on the course chosen.


Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support (BLS)
This course offers credentialed healthcare providers certification in Adult, Child & Infant 1&2 rescuer CPR, AED, Bag Valve mask, and relief of a foreign body airway obstruction.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
This course is designed for the Healthcare provider required to treat patients in cardiac arrest & other cardiopulmonary emergencies.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
Designed for the provider who treats pediatric patients. Course covers recognition & management of respiratory distress & arrest, pharmacology, management of shock & vascular access.

PEARS (Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition & Stabilization)
Pears is a new course designed for the Healthcare provider and responder who occasionally treats critical pediatric patients. Content covers stabilizing, identifying severe cardiopulmonary distress.

Blood Born Pathogens



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